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Warm encounters inspiring progress

Every day has its own happiness. Today’s happiness is birthday joy, year after year, day after day. On this special day, let’s laugh together, bless together, and share the joy of this moment.            

Happy International Women’s Day

In this life journey I traverse mountains and cross ridges just for myself The world’s kindness is the late kindness and pure you The Earth and the Sun are not the center of the universe you are  

2024 Annual Meeting

熠熠生辉 耀起新程 乘风破浪 傲立潮头 2024年终盛典 新的一年,我们都是追梦人,未来之路很漫长, 愿我们奋力前行,携手同行迎接更精彩的一年。   Shining brightly, embarking on a new journey, breaking through the waves with the wind, standing proudly at the forefront of the tide. 2024 Year-end Grand Ceremony. In the new year, we are all dream chasers. The road ahead is long, but let’s push forward together and embrace […]

Winter solstice brings happiness.

²⁰²³/₁₂.₂₂ 🥟🧣 . ོ “ 一年一 冬至 一岁一安康 ” The four seasons come and go, the passing years await the return of spring. Winter solstice arrives as scheduled, from now on the days grow longer and the nights shorter. The cold becomes increasingly intense, warmth touches people’s hearts. I hope you have everything you like […]

United in pursuing dreams

  United in pursuing dreams sharing the rewards together The whole army charges forward bravely scaling the peak. 同心逐梦    分享共赢 全军出击   勇攀高峰  

Do not waste time do not let yourself down

Do not waste time do not let yourself down 不负时光    不负自己 A sentence that I really like: “What you do may not show immediate results, but don’t be discouraged or anxious. You are not without achievements, you are just taking root.” 很喜欢的一句话:“你所做的事情,也许暂时看不到成果,但不要灰心或焦虑,你不是没有成就,而是在扎根。 Do not be afraid of a thousand days and ten thousand miles […]

Celebrate with the country for the love of the team

Celebrate with the country for the love of the team 与国同庆 为爱团员 As the moon shines over the country, families come together to celebrate tonight’s full moon. It’s a time for both national and familial unity, where everything is perfect as far as the eye can see. Mid-Autumn Festival is all about strong kinship, while […]

“BBQ Team Building”

Life is not a choice, but a passion. 生活不是选择而是热爱   “Give more time to nature, Have more of this feeling of relaxation and space in life, Can enable us to better engage in life and work.” 把更多的时间留给大自然 在生活中多一些松弛感和放松空间 可以让我们更好地投入生活和工作          

Fun Prairie Octal Steel Team Building

“Mu Yun stretches for thousands of miles, with green grass singing like a melody.” 牧云千里 碧草如歌     “Summer is coming, pleasant and beautiful. Life is not just about the present hardships, but also about poetry and distant places! Work is not just about being busy all day, but also about team building that can be […]

Tranquility within, never desolate

Tranquility within, never desolate 内心安详,从不荒凉 Author: Wang Meng, a contemporary Chinese writer and scholar, former Minister of Culture of China, honorary chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, and author of nearly a hundred novels including the epic novel “Long Live Youth”. 作者:王蒙  中国当代作家、学者,中国文化部原部长、中国作家协会名誉主席,著有长篇小说【青春万岁】等近百部小说。 Tranquility 安详 A state that I really like and long for is […]

Wishing for peace and joy, enjoying good health through zongzi

端午到,粽飘香。片片粽叶,包裹的不仅是佳节的仪式感,更是对美好生活的祈愿。 端午节临近,粽子的香味弥漫在空气中。粽叶不仅包裹着节日的气氛,也承载着对美好生活的祈愿。 平安喜乐,“粽”享安康 祈求平安喜乐,粽子享健康              插艾浦,配香囊,系彩绳,戴荷包。小小物件,圈起了对家人朋友身体的牵挂,寄托着对除病消灾的美好愿望。 合理饮食、规律作息、定期运动,做到何时要记住,保持健康的生活才能习惯“粽”享安康!   艾蒿和香囊,彩绳和荷叶袋。这些小物件象征着我们对家人朋友健康的关爱,寄托着祛病除灾的美好愿望。切记时刻保持健康的生活习惯,如均衡饮食、规律作息、规律运动,以享有健康的身体。                 

Tube China International Pipe Exhibition in Shanghai 2023

Our company attended the Shanghai International Tube Exhibition from June 14th to June 16th, 2023. The Shanghai International Tube Exhibition (referred to as “Shanghai Tube Exhibition”) was established in 2005 and has evolved from a specialized exhibition for steel pipe fittings to a large-scale industry chain exhibition covering products such as tubes, pipe fittings, valves, […]