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China cancelled export tax rebate for the Boron-Added steel products

China cancelled export steel tax rebate for the Boron-Added products, the policy will affect 40% of the Chinese steel exports. From 1th, Jan, 2015, Chinese Ministry of Finance stated that China steel export tax rebate for the Boron-Added products have been cancelled. The boron-added steel products include flat and long steel products.(Hot rolled steel plate, […]

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U.S cancel the Anti-Dumping Duty for line pipes

U.S. Department of Commerce cancel the Anti-Dumping Duty & Anti-Subsidy duty U.S. Department of Commerce States, there is no evidence shows that domestic Manufacturers for the Line pipe damaged or threaten from the Line pipe imported from China, U.S. will cancel the Anti-Dumping Duty and Anti-Subsidy duty.

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