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Steel Plate and Pipe Price Reduced from March, 2016

Steel Products Steel Plate Price Reduced from March to April, 2016 Steel plate price and related steel products price reduced from March, 2016, and it came slowly in April. Domestic steel PMI (Purchase Management Index) index dropped 0.8% to 50.6% in March. This was the fall after PMI rose for two months, but still above the […]

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US Invest Company Created a Fund to Invest Chinese Steel Industry

Bloomberg reported that Wilbur-Ross’s leading investment company will bet on Chinese steel industry. He will created a fund to invest Chinese steel industry. Include steel plates, pipeline pipes, and steel fittings and gas and oil pipes such as casing pipes, tubing pipes manufacturing. Even though this billionaire was working to cut off its relationship with this company, he lead the US Department of […]

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