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Oil and Gas Valve Development Trend in Petroleum Industry

What is the oil and gas valve Oil and gas valve is widely used in oil and gas industry, gathering and process units. According to production requirement, the valves transported or blocked a variety of gas and liquid media to various containers and process equipment. Oil and gas valves can be divided into general and special valve. The […]

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Oil and Gas Pipeline Industry Status and Trend in Global

The whole growth rate of global economy has slowed down. The development of oil and gas pipeline industry was affected by the imbalance between supply and demand, oil price reduced a lot. With industry development entered into the lowest point, the high cost of oil and gas exploration projects gradually reduced. The investment in oil […]

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Oil Drilling Rig Count Continuously Increased in 2016

Oil and Gas Drilling Rig Count continuously increased in three weeks in United States, the fastest growth since 2011. FX168 reports: U.S. oil Service Company Hughes Beck released data on last Friday shows, until the week of 15th July 2016, the number of active oil and gas drilling rig count increased 6 to 357 at […]

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Pipeline Valves Development and Market Trend in China

Oil and gas valves scope involved in oil and gas pipeline have basically not change over hundred years. The different kind of valves manufacturers specially oil and gas valves have been constantly updating the technology, so that affect valves market changes. The large investment in oil and gas pipelines will promote industrial oil and gas valves, especially the […]

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