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Steel Plates

Waterjet Cutting Services – Another Good Option to Cut Steel

Waterjet cutting is to use high pressure water to cut or profiling steels and especially for highly brittle materials. It delivers smooth and precise cuts through the mechanical sawing action. This is a versatile process in that it cuts through almost every material. Octal provides customize waterjet cutting services according client requirements. Things you should […]

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Flame Cutting (Oxy Fuel Cutting) – A Method to Cut Steel

Flame cutting (also known as oxy fuel cutting), it is to use the heat burned from oxy fuel gas, to cut steel materials or the hard metals. It can cut steel thickness from 1 mm to 1200 mm. And in most cases it used to cut steel plate thickness more than 20 mm, since oxy […]

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Laser Cut Metal Services – Steel Profiling/Cutting as Customized

Laser cut metal is a processed metal by laser cutting technology. Metal materials mainly types in sheet metal (steel plate) and fabricated in carbon, alloy or stainless steel. About laser cutting Laser cutting is to cut different materials especially steel metals with the help of laser beam. It is majorly used for industrial manufacturing applications, […]

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ASTM A36 Steel Plate – Completely Specifications

ASTM A36 steel plate and beams has been deemed as top rated materials in construction activities and structural building. Therefore, how come it gets so popular in different industries? Why there were so many people buying this material? So today we are going to introduce this magic material – ASTM A36 Steel plate. For your […]

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Carbon Steel Plate – Things You Should Know

Carbon steel plate usually been considered as the steel that does not contain much alloy steel elements. Generally elements are C, Mn, P, S, Si, besides these there are no minimum limits for elements of Al, Cr, Ni, Mo, V etc. Carbon steel plates are available in different grades depending on the carbon content and […]

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API 650 Tanks Steel Plates Material Specification

As we know, ASTM A650 standard specification covers welded tanks for oil storage, then what kind of materials (Steel Plate) for making API 650 tanks? Here we list a below pictures: ASTM A650 tanks material group 1-4 ASTM A650 tanks material group 5-8

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