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ASTM A335 P5, P9, P11, P22, P91 Pipe

ASTM A335 pipe (with Grade P5, P9, P11, P22, P91 pipes) know as Chrome-Moly Alloy Pipe, has been widely used in different industries for high temperature, high pressure services. According to market data, it is one of the most consumption alloy pipes in boiler industry, heat exchanger, power station, high and super high pressure vessels. […]

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API 650, Natural Oil and Gas Storage Tanks

API 650, it is the standard specification for to build the natural oil and gas storage tanks. It covers minimum requirements for material, design, fabrication, erection, and inspection for welded storage tanks in various sizes and capacities for internal pressures approximating atmospheric pressure (internal pressure not exceeding the weight of the roof plates), but a […]

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API 5L Pipe Specification (46th Edition Updated on 2020)

API 5L pipe is a carbon steel pipe used for oil and gas transmissions, it includes pipes manufactured in seamless and welded (ERW, SAW). Materials covers API 5L Grade B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, X80 PSL1 & PSL2 onshore, offshore and sour services. API 5L is the implementation standard of steel pipe […]

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ASTM A270 Sanitary (Hygienic) Stainless Steel Tubing and Pipe

ASTM A270 Sanitary stainless steel tubing specification ASTM A270 sanitary (hygienic) stainless steel tubing is the standard specification for the welded seamless, and heavily cold worked welded austenitic and ferritic stainless steel sanitary tubing. It includes the stainless steel tube types in seamless and welded ERW, EFW. ASTM A270 sanitary tubing intended applied in the […]

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