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South American crude steel output up 2.7% in Nov ’14

South American crude steel output up 2.7% in Nov ’14 According to the recent data published by the World Steel Association, the crude steel production by South American countries increased during the month of November this year. The total monthly output climbed higher by 2.7% to 3.754 Million tonnes. The total crude steel production by […]

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China Steel Products Demand will Rise in 2015

China Institute Sees Steel Products Demand Rise to 720 Million Tons in 2015. By MetalMiner IndX Reports on DECEMBER 4, 2014 – A leading Chinese steel industry body predicts a modest increase in steel products demand for 2015 as economic growth slows down in China, according to Caixin. This steel products demand are from hot […]

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Pipeline Valves Development and Market Trend in China

Oil and gas valves scope involved in oil and gas pipeline have basically not change over hundred years. The different kind of valves manufacturers specially oil and gas valves have been constantly updating the technology, so that affect valves market changes. The large investment in oil and gas pipelines will promote industrial oil and gas valves, especially the […]

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